Title: Multiphoton Microscopy and Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Imaging meets Quantum

Acronym: MUSIQ

MUSIQ is designed as an innovative research and training network, where we will recruit 15 Early Stage Researchers to work toward the central ambitious goal of developing the next-generation optical microscopy exploiting quantum coherent nonlinear phenomena. The network brings together a unique team of 7 world-leading academics and 5 high tech companies at the forefront of optical microscopy and ultrafast laser technology developments merged with fundamental understanding of coherent light-matter interaction phenomena, development of quantitative image analysis tools, and biomedical/pharmaceutical real-world applications.

MUSIQ will enhance the career perspective of the recruited ESRs by training them in a broad range of scientific, technical and transferable skills, through a unique combination of projects, secondments, and tailored courses.

PI: Prof. Daniele Brida

ESR: Thomas Decker

Funding agency: Marie Courie ITN-ETN

Max MC-ITN Funding: 4030915.32 euros


-Start date: 2019.04.01
-End date: 2023.03.31